Why I decided to open my own law practice

After many months of preparation, I'm finally open for business! I'm excited to meet and help new people in the Central Pennsylvania region.

Why did I decide to open my own law practice? Well, because of you: the client. I saw that there were many unmet needs for people with legal problems in the Central Pennsylvania region, and I knew that I could meet those needs.

For instance, I knew there was a strong need for a capable, compassionate attorney who could answer questions about US immigration laws in central PA. When I worked at a local nonprofit in Centre County, we expanded our services to include immigration help for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. However, we also knew that there were plenty of immigrants in this area who were not victims of a crime but still needed immigration advice. And there are plenty of businesses that want to hire great employees from other countries but don't know where to start.

I also knew that there were people who needed help through a divorce or custody action, but weren't sure where to start. Or maybe they had worked with other lawyers before, but other lawyers didn't call them back right away, didn't keep them updated on their case, or just tried to settle the matter as quickly as possible. When I practiced family law in Centre County, I maintained a reputation of high ethics, quick responses to my clients, and very satisfactory results. I am still known for making novel legal arguments and fighting hard for my clients if they need me to.

Finally, I saw a large unmet need for students who are victims of sexual assault. Due to increased media coverage of this issue, many more people know about Title IX and the Clery Act, but they don't know who to turn to for help. Students who are accused of sexual misconduct have hired defense attorneys to assist them for years, but now victims have an option if they want an attorney who has the skills and training to assist them in negotiations and next steps.

I'm excited to get started and am honored that you are considering me to represent you and your best interests. Let's keep in touch!

#clients #immigration #titleix #cleryact #familylaw

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